Individuals Draw

29 March 2022


Rich Graham v Sam Davey (preliminary round)
Danny 'Barney' Millar v Craig Gibson (prelim)
C Leach v Ben Gray (preliminary round)
A Marwood
J Keane
J Pedel
A Shaw
I Jones

James and Danny to officiate on the night. Played down to last 2.


Ian Malkin v R Davey (preliminary round)
Lewis Pride v Ian Denny (preliminary round)
Sonia Porter v J Kendall (preliminary round)
N Andrews v Nicole Wilcox (preliminary round)
D Allen
E Lockwood
Oliver Hawkridge
B Fleming

Emma is your official on the night. Played down to last 2 at the venue.

  • Pairs Draw

  • Finals Night
    15 April 2022
    Park Place Social Club