Competition News - Pairs

Qualifying Rounds to be played on 19th April 2016

Venue:The Hart

E.Flynne/K.Devline or K.Dawson/R.Belohewouie vs K.Walker/E.Grey
F.Hobson/L.Edwards or M.Goldfield/D.Connolley vs C.Gibson/J.Pedel
D.Bennett/L.Pedel vs D.Millar/E.Lockwood
A.Coote/T.Severs vs J.Cook/J.Edmonds


Venue:The Union

I.Mitchell/K.Ramsdale or I.Balsdon/D.Lawman vs D.Cockshott/J.Land
R.Graham/A.Marwood vs I.Malkin /I.Jones
R.Davey/O.Hawkridge vs B.Grey/M.Tippey
D.Evans/P.Weston vs A.Hadley/T.Sherwood


Toss of coin at Start for throw in legs 1 and 3
All games best of 3,701 up
Officials to redraw after every round
Play down to 1 winning pair at each venue
Start and scratch is 8.30pm

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