The Manhattan Premier League – Rules

2017 Edition


1.      The league will commence on Thursday 2nd March 2017 and run for 19 alternate weeks until Thursday 9th November 2017. (End date subject to change if dropouts reduce fixtures). Presentation night will be Thursday 23rd November 2017.

2.      The league will consist of one division of 20 players.

Tied positions will be separated by points / leg difference / games won.

3.      Matches fees are £100.00/season, paid in two parts - £50.00 week 1 and £50.00 week 11.

4.      A minimum of 2 matches per league night will be schedule, subject to availability of opponents and a maximum of 4 matches per league night can be played.

5.      Matches will commence at 8pm. – No catch-up games to be played before 8pm.

6.      Players and markers not in attendance at the commencement of play at 8pm will forfeit a leg for every 5 minutes elapsed – NO EXCEPTIONS.

7.      The first matches of the evening will be marked by players from games 18, 19 and 20 on the fixtures, others may be asked to step in if people from these games are absent, but not late – see rule 6.

8.      Matches will run on boards 1 to 3 and practice is open on either board in the bar area.

9.      All matches will be the best of 4 legs. 1pt/leg + 2pts for a win. Drawn matches players will share the bonus points.

10.   Scorers and shooters for the first matches will be those playing the last league matches of that evening.

11.   Thereafter mark and call the game following yours. (Please wait for the next players, there will be plenty of time before your next match to have a fag and grab a pint – going for a piss is fine, but taking it, is not!).

12.   Catch-up games will be played after the normal nights fixtures have been played and must be played before the cut-off date shown on the catch-up games list.

13.   Additional catch-up games can be played on one of the spare boards if there is no impact on the night’s schedule of matches and a player is not playing more than 4 games/evening.

14.   Catch-up games can be played on other nights to our normal match night, but they MUST be played at the Manhattan (additional score sheet will available from behind the bar).

15.   Notification of non-attendance must be received before 12-noon on the Wednesday prior to league night, any later and you pay your opponents match fees (£2.50/game) and the matches will be played before the predetermined cut-off date. Points will only be forfeited for catch-up games that have reached the deadline to be played. - No ifs, buts or maybes - if you're not there and you don't notify - no extenuating circumstances -nothing = simple to understand, implement and no grey area!.

16.   Players must maintain a match played ratio of 80%. This will be reviewed after match weeks 4, 8, 12 and 16.  Anyone below this ratio may be asked to leave.

17.   Monies will only be paid out to those completing the full season and an 80%+ match played ratio.

18.   Players dropping out will forego any money paid in and subsequent prize money.

19.   Reserve players can only enter the league before and including week 4 reached.

20.   Reserve players entering to fill vacant spaces will receive prize money pro-rata to weeks participated and take-over the vacant positions league position and/or points.

21.   Any monies left over at the end of the season will be put in the prize fund for Presentation Night Knockout Competition.

22.   A weekly ‘Dart Card’ of 20 squares must be completed prior to matches commencing at 8pm to generate funds for the end of season prizes for Fastest Game (£50) Highest Finish (£50), Most 180’s (£50) and Top Tons (£50). £10 will be given to the card winner. Only players having contributed to 80% of the weekly cards are eligible for the end of season prizes. Where a player has won either, but not contributed, the prize will be awarded to the next player that has.

23.   Where possible I try to use my discretion to ensure a fairly run league for everyone. My discussion is final and if you don’t like it, don’t abuse the rules to suit you – just play darts!

Prize Money Breakdown

100.00 x 20 = £2,000.00

50 x 20 = £1,000.00 (Manhattan Offer)

19 x 10 = £190.00 (Dart Card)

*Total Prize Fund - £3,190.00

*Based on 20 players completing 19 weeks