Competition News

Consolation Cup 2018/19

Nidderdale Team Consolation Cup

  • played Tuesday 29th Jan

  • Lamb & Flag v Knaresbro Cons
  • Bay Horse v BYE
  • Anchor v Bilton CC
  • Knaresbro CC v Birstwith
  • There has been a slight hic up (Balls up) in the way the cup draw has been organised this year as the way I organised the draw did not meet with the "Tradition of the Leauge" No rules current specify (item for AGM) . So i have agreed teams knocked out in the prelimary round get a chance in the consolation cup this year not straight out. This will need another round of matches to be played in the consolation cup. to get to a winner.
  • So in the next round there will be 4 teams left in the knockout cup and 7 teams with a bye in the consolation cup. The extra round will be played on Tuesday19th Feb.
  • The first team drawn is the home team.The knockout and consolation cup results is won on the aggregate. The away teams have the throw on the odd numbers and home teams the throw on the even numbers i.e Away team 1, 3, 5, pairs 7, 9 Home team 2, 4, pairs 6, 8