( SEPT 2017)


  1. The League will be known as the Nidderdale and District Darts League.

  2. The League will be run by a management committee consisting of a Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and unspecified number of General Committee Members. The number of General Committee Members will be determined by vote at the AGM, and all officers and other committee members will be appointed by a show of hands ballot.

  3. All votes at the AGM will be on the basis of one vote for each team which comprised the league in the preceding season, excluding any teams having resigned from the league in advance of the AGM. Decisions will be based on a straight majority with the chair of the meeting having the casting vote.

  4. The Annual General Meeting will be preferable in August, at least 6 weeks after the finals night of the preceding season. The actual date and venue of the AGM will be determined by the Committee and communicated to all teams,at least 10 days in advance of the meeting.

  5. Any requests or proposals for rule changes must be submitted to the secretary at least 14 days before the date of the AGM. The secretary will notify each team of any proposed changes at the time they notify teams of the date and venue of the AGM.

  6. The Committee reserve the right to interpret these rules and matters not covered by them as they see fit. The Committee decision is final.

Compositions of the League and Membership Fees.

  1. The league membership will be determined by the existing members by vote at the AGM. All teams wishing to take part in the following season must be represented at the AGM, or have submitted a letter of apology in advance to the treasurer, clearly expressing their intention to take part in the league and accompanied by their annual subscription.

  2. The League will comprise divisions of no more than 14 teams. Where there are 14 teams of less, there will just be one division.When more than one division 3 teams will be promoted and three teams demoted between divisions.

  3. Membership fees which cover a season are payable at or before the AGM. Where paid in advance and an increase is agreed at the AGM, the balance to be paid to the treasurer the date of the first match. Membership fees will be determined by vote at the AGM. For the 2017/18 season, the fee has been set at £40 per team.

  4. There will be two league raffles per season one drawn at the Ken Wood Trophy night and one drawn at the leauge Finals night. Each team to provide two prizes and sell a minimum of £35 worth of tickets (target £50) for each event . Teams failing to do so will have the deficet added on to the following years fees.

Eligibility of Players.

  1. There will be no formal registration of players. However no player may not play for more than one team during the same season without prior permission of the Committee.

  2. No player may play for a team in the cup or consolation cup without having played at least once in the League in the current season.

  3. No player is eligible to play in either the main cup final or consolation cup final unless they have played in at least one cup match earlier in the season.

  4. No player is eligible to enter the individuals or pairs knockout competitions unless they have played at least 2 matches (i.e. separate - singles and doubles on the same night does not count as two matches) in the league and or cups in the current season.

  5. Pairs making up a pair do not need to be from the same team in the pairs knockout competitions. However following the first draw for the pairs, no substitutes will be allowed – pairs must be constituted as per entry form, or will be required to forfeit their match.

Timing and Format of League Matches and Submission of Results.

  1. All League matches will take place on a Tuesday night unless mutually agreed by both captains and with the landlord's consent. Any changes to be notified to the League Secretary in advance. Where such notification is not provided, it is at the discretion of the Committee to penalise the teams involved, up to the number of points won during the match in question.

  2. Both teams must be ready to make the draw at 9:00pm and be in the position to start immediately afterwards, unless mutually agreed by both captains. If any player is not at the venue when it is their turn to play, the game will be awarded to the opponent together with the full aggregate for the game (i.e. 501 for singles and 701 for doubles). This rule also applies for team cup matches. However the opposing captain has the discretion to al;low a change in the order of play.

  3. Any team failing to turn up and fulfil a fixture without justifiable reason shall forfeit the full 10 points. The decision of the Committee as to whether a reason is justifiable is final. Subject to Committee approval, the 10 points will be awarded to the opponents.

  4. Teams will comprise of a minimum 6 players and a maximum of 12.

  5. Matches will comprise of 6 single games of 501 and 3 double games of 701. No player may take part in more than1 singles game or 1 doubles game . Where teams are unable to field a player for a singles game the game is forfeited with full aggregate score awarded to the opponent. Where a team are unable to field 2 players for a doubles game, the game is forfeited and the full aggregate score awarded to the opposing team.

  6. The visiting team start all games. All games involve teams throwing 3 darts alternately. All games are straight starts, finish on a double no busting. The centre bull counts 50 and is allowed as a double. The outer bull counts 25.

  7. The home team will provide a caller for each game and each team will provide a marker.

  8. A standard treble board will be used. The board shall be hung so that the centre of the bull is 5' 8” above the floor, the throwing distance will be 7' 9.25” measured horizontally from the face of the board (9' 7.5” bull to the oche diagonally).

  9. Players not standing on or behind the mark or oche shall be called “No Score”. If the player removes their darts from the board before the caller has called the score it shall be called “No Score”.

  10. No darts will be given back if thrown without flights or if they fail to stick in the board.

  11. The first player/pair to finish is/are deemed the winner. There are no “Equal Darts”. The scoring shall be 1 point per winning person/pair, plus 1 point for the overall aggregate. In case of a tie on the aggregate, the two captains play off one game of 501 the away captain starts and the rules are the same as for any league game.

  12. The team gaining the highest number of points over the season shall be declared champions. Should two teams tie on the same points a deciding match should take place on a neutral board. The captains toss a coin for the right to start the game and then alternates. Should more than two teams finish the league at the top on equal points , the Committee shall decide the method of play off.

  13. Results of matches must be sent in by the winning team to the League Secretary by the Friday immediately following matches. Should the result be over 7 days late, all points will be forfeited by the offending team. Where the results is a tie, the team winning most games is responsible for submitting the results.

Timing and Format of Team Knockout Cup Matches.

  1. All Knockout cup matches will be played on a Tuesday night. The format and conduct of the matches will be the same as for League Matches,except:

Timing and Format of Individuals and Pairs Knockout Competitions

  1. All individual and pair matches will be played on a Tuesday night subject to confirmation by the committee and on dates and venues agreed by the committee.

  2. Series of matches will commence at 8:45pm. Any player arriving after that time will be scratched from the competition, unless otherwise agreed by the opponent(s) and the official presiding on the night.

  3. The format for the individuals competition shall be 501, best of 3 games, no equal darts (i.e. first to finish wins the game) with toss of a coin to decide who throws first and then on the third game if necessary. The pairs format is the same, except each game is over 701.