Catch ups 
To be played by 27/07/17
Rob Burns v Graham Coates
Steve Townson v Tezz Sherwood
Rob Burns v Jez Davy
To be played by 10/08/17
Bob Petty v Nick Hanslow
Kev Palmer v Matt Lambert
Steve Townson v Graham Coates
Matt Lambert v Jez Davy
Tezz Sherwood v James O'Rourke
Mark Threlfall v Gav Lockwood
Fred Hobson v Steve Townson
Steve Townson v Gav Lockwood
To be played by 24/08/17
Mark Threlfall v Martin Chappell
Graham Coates v Nick Hanslow
Dave Pilgrim v Jez Davy
Shaun Smith v Graham Coates
Rob Burns v Dave Pilgrim
Bob Petty v Will Plumpton
Jez Davy v Steve Townson
Martin Chappell v Rick Harper
Catch ups - you have three match nights in which to get them played.
Remember it's your responsibility to arrange and play your catch ups by the applicable date. If the catch up is not played by the designated date, the person (IN BOLD)causing the catch up will lose all points for that match and the points will be awarded to your opponent  
Catch-up games on match nights, can only be played before the 8:00pm start time or after the evenings scheduled games have been completed.